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Why it is Essential to Connect Salesforce with Netsuite


Salesforce is a powerful CRM that can improve customer retention by up to 27 percent. However, the CRM becomes even more powerful when it is integrated with Netsuite. If you are hearing the name Netsuite for the first time, then it is good you know that it's one of the best ERP software in the world. Integrating Salesforce with Netsuite only becomes possible through the use of a connector app like Celigo. If you are just starting out, then it is important to learn all the advantages of integrating the two giant applications. The rest of this article discusses some of the benefits of integrating Salesforce with Netsuite.


First and foremost, businesses can do speedy transactions when the two applications are connected. For example, sales executives can quickly generate sales quotes right from salesforce excel at the touch of a button when the applications are connected. Also, such executives can send invoices quickly since they can access key data quickly. As a result, a business is able to generate cash quickly since the whole process of acquiring customers to sending invoices and billing is automated.


Secondly, access to data on the go from both applications helps to reduce errors.In the past, people had no choice but to move data from one application to another manually. Most of the time, the manual process is very error prone but with integration, data can be moved from one application to the other without any issues.Thirdly, when the two applications are integrated via a connector such as Celigo, it becomes easy for one to access data from one application to another.For example, Netsuite users can access any data they need regarding a customer from salesforce instantly. Also, it is very easy to access data  from both applications since you only need to log in from a single location.


Lastly, a business can become more efficient when the two powerful applications are connected. For instance, business processes can improve greatly since  data  flows seamlessly from one application to the other. In the end, a business can save a lot of time and money when salesforce and Netsuite are connected. However, it is important to note that integrating the two apps requires a special connecting application such as Celigo. If you are looking to use salesforce and Netsuite, then it is important to ensure that such applications are integrated if you want your business to be more efficient and successful. Salesforce NetSuite Connector is built to transmit customer orders!