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Salesforce to NetSuite Connector: How to Optimize the Integration


If you're wondering why customers use Celigo to integrate Salesforce with NetSuite, one reason is the enhancement of lead-to-cash processes and enhanced visibility of customers. An ideal Salesforce NetSuite connector is built to transmit customer orders seamlessly. However, viable Salesforce to NetSuite integration calls for careful planning beforehand, and below is how and why...


When you've taken time to carefully think through any possible implementation of Salesforce NetSuite integration, you'll forestall potential risks and identify ways to make the best use of the powerful solution. Without adequate preparation, any integration can easily turn into a massive IT nightmare, compelling you to waste valuable long hours manually reconciling bad data as well as fixing errors.


Here are some useful tips for preparing to make the most of your Salesforce NetSuite integration:


Begin With a Concrete Design


Once secrete to fruitful NetSuite Salesforce synchronization at http://www.celigo.com/products/openair-salesforce-connector/ is creating a strong design. So, take enough time to analyze your integration needs, thinking through your project from the outset. Identify problem areas and any potential issues to help develop a hybrid solution that's flawless.


Think Through Data Mapping


Consider how data will flow back and forth between NetSuite and Salesforce in a manner that does not lead to overwrite, duplication, or redundancy. Also, think through the possibility of the synchronization involving bidirectional data flow, meaning that information will be sourced and pushed between the two platforms. If so, you'll need to decide the data fields that each application. 


Keep in mind that two disparate software platforms may store data for the same entities, such as customers, but there's no guarantee that records will be capture and formatted in the specific same manner. Thinking through data mapping helps ascertain that the integrated system works harmoniously to update records accurately and preserve validation rules rather than compromise data integrity.


Understand Your Tools Well


A perfect grasp of the capabilities that both NetSuite and Salesforce offer will prove handy as you move to integrate the system. Learning how to harness flows and other integration features is certainly important. Typically, you can turn to a developer of NetSuite Salesforce integration connector for assistance.


There are many reasons why customers use Celigo to integrate Salesforce with NetSuite. Such integration helps companies get the best of the two worlds, with improved lead-to-cash processes and better customer visibility. But as the owner of the integrated system, you need to think through the intended integration for best results. Connect opportunities or quotes in Salesforce to NetSuite here!